The United Kingdom has pledged to provide citizenship to all members of the Windrush Generation.

That’s according to UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, in a statement in the House of Commons Monday afternoon.

The Windrush Generation are immigrants who arrived in the United Kingdom during the post World War II period of 1948 to 1971. They assisted in the rebuilding of the country.

A recent scandal broke in the UK documenting how members of this generation have been threatened with deportation or refused jobs or healthcare.

UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, says the discrimination and deportation faced by members of the Windrush Generation should never have happened.

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The majority of Windrush immigrants to the UK would’ve arrived from Jamaica.

Many of these individuals have since been detained or deported following their inability to provide documents showing they were legitimate residents of the UK.

Ms. Rudd says all costs and requirements for citizenship will be waived for this group.

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She also says those members of the Windrush Generation who reside overseas will be given the option to return to the UK at no charge.

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Meanwhile, Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, again blasted the UK Government for its treatment of Windrush Immigrants.

Responding in the House of Commons this afternoon she accused Home Secretary Rudd of being complicit in the scandal through her own inaction.

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While welcoming the measures to alleviate the problem she says more must be done.

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Ms Abbott says the treatment of the Windrush generation by the government was shameful.

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