General Secretary of the Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel, UTASP, St. Patrice Ennis says dental assistants will receive a 4% increase in the next pay cycle.

Mr. Ennis explained that the Ministry of Finance allocated money to the Health Ministry to pay the dental assistants. However he notes that the Health Ministry has not said why the funds were not disbursed earlier.

He explained that the Ministry of Health has been lackadaisical with the disbursement of the funds which is a cause for concerns at this time, especially for other groups who are having similar issues.

Ennis added that the strike could have been avoided.

Hykel Nunes has more.

Amid the budgetary constraints caused by COVID-19, according to Mr. Ennis dental assistance will receive 4% salary increase in May.

The UTASP Representative told our news center yesterday afternoon, that the strike will come to an end if there is a favorable resolution from the meeting this morning, which he said did happen.

Ennis explain that the MOH also agreed that an outstanding $30,000 will also be paid to dental assistance.

Ennis told our news center that during the meeting it was revealed that the Finance Ministry had given the MOH instructions to disburse the fund.

Meanwhile The UTASP representative explains that there is a serious accountability problem that needs to be addressed at the MOH.

Our news centre tried contacting Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton and Minister of Labour and National Security Karl Samuda to no avail.