“We cannot continue to build 5-Star hotels in 3 star communities.”

That’s the word from Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai. He was speaking at the opening of day two of the UNWTO conference in Montego Bay Tuesday morning.

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Mr. Rifai says these issues need to be addressed with courage and conviction. He also says the walls between countries should be eliminated to facilitate more travel.

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And Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is working to ensure tourism leads to a better life for locals.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness says it’s time for tourism-dependent countries to critically consider how the product should adapt to global changes.

Mr. Holness offered the advice as he delivered the keynote address at the United Nations World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, Global Conference in Montego Bay, St. James today.

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Prime Minister Holness also reported an increase in visitor arrivals to Jamaica from parts of Europe.

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