Controversial Jamaican-born Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Abdullah Al Faisal, has again been denied bail.

Al Faisal was denied bail this afternoon in the Kingston and St. Andrew parish court in Half Way Tree following a lengthy application.

The application for bail was made by his attorney, Queen’s Counsel K.D. Knight.

Al Faisal’s bail was denied based on two chief issues for which conditions would not have been a sufficient deterrent.

The Prosecution also disclosed further information alleging that Al Faisal was a marriage broker for terrorist recruits.

Mr. Knight says he’ll be appealing the Judge’s decision.

The application for bail lasted over an hour.

There were submissions from both the defence and the prosecution.

The Jeremy Taylor-led Prosecution argued that there’s no condition that could be imposed to prevent Al Faisal from fleeing Jamaica.

Mr Taylor is a Senior Director of Public Prosecutions.

He argued that Jamaica’s borders are porous.

He says the al-Faisal could flee to what he describes as another ‘safe haven’ to continue his practice of recruiting persons for the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

Mr. Knight says Al Faisal was denied bail because the judge believes he may be a flight risk.

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Presiding Judge, Broderick Smith says there’s the likelihood the accused could use the same avenues by which he perpetrated the crime to re-offend.

According to the New York Daily News, Al Faisal was arrested after a sting operation over several months carried out by an undercover New York Police Department officer.

The officer reportedly communicated with Al Faisal by e-mail, text and video chat.

According to the Manhattan district attorney, Al Faisal offered to help the officer travel to the Middle East and join fighters in ISIS.

Mr. Taylor also disclosed in written submissions that the female officer called UC716 told Al Faisal she had medical training and could use her skills to help the ISIS brothers.

He says Al Faisal was also a marriage broker.

It’s alleged the accused was arranging marriages for recruits to make it easier for them to transition.

The prosecution also submitted that the accused has a strong online presence that transcended vocal support for the radical terrorist group.

Mr. Knight says his client could prove he has made statements denying support for radicalism.

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Al Faisal was arrested late August on an extradition warrant.