There’s a possibility a tenth attorney will be representing Michael McLean today.

McLean is on trial for killing 6 people in St. Thomas in 2006. Attorney Christopher Townsend expressed a willingness yesterday to take on the case.

This follows yesterday’s morning session in the Home Circuit Court where the accused said he no longer wanted Carlton Collman to advise him on the technical details of the law. McLean fired Mr. Collman at the start of the trial.

However, he has been advising the accused from the bench after Presiding judge, Justice Bertram Morrison, refused to accept his application to withdraw from the trial.

Yesterday, Mr. Collman renewed his application to withdraw from the case telling the court the accused has uttered a number of derogatory statements towards him.

At this point, McLean also stood and said he wished to retain Mr. Townsend. Following a recess, Mr. Townsend told the court that he’ll indicate at 2:30 this afternoon if he will be representing the accused. The attorney says there’s ‘an administrative hurdle he needs to cross’ before he can confirm he’ll be representing McLean.

Mr. Collman is also expected to hand over all documents to Mr. Townsend on the matter.

Meanwhile, Justice Morrison says if Mr. Townsend is unable to confirm this afternoon that he’s representing McLean, the case would continue on Monday.
He says there’ll be no more adjournments.

The accused, over the years, has been represented by Valerie Neita-Robertson, Zed Forrester, Gladstone Wilson, Michael Lorne, Carolyn Reid Cameron, Tameka Harris, Vinette Grant and Antoinette Haughton.