Blue Mahoe Capital Incorporated has become the first US-based company to provide an offering, qualified to raise American based capital for Investment in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The company led by founder, chairman and CEO, David Mullings, marked the historic event last week.

Blue Mahoe Capital, is a special purpose vehicle setup to build affordable homes in Jamaica and Barbados.

It’s based in Miami, Florida.

Run through the online platform Silicon Prairie, Blue Mahoe Capital’s campaign was enabled by regulation crowdfunding, or Reg CF.

Reg CF is a Securities and Exchange Commission rule that allows companies to raise a maximum of US $5 million through equity crowd funding over a 12-month period.

Mr. Mullings says this was the path to give Caribbean-Americans and friends of the Caribbean the access they desired.

Blue Mahoe has shares priced at $10 each with the minimum investment being only $500.

The company is focused on building 700 affordable houses in Old Harbour, Jamaica via a partnership with the developers of Whim Estates.

Mr. Mullings says he’s confident that they will secure the funding needed to deliver the homes as well as eventually qualify for listing on the New York City-based NASDAQ.

This would make it the first listed company outside the Caribbean that is giving access to countries like Jamaica, Barbados, The Bahamas and Guyana.