Nationwide News understands that the Jamaican government has been provided with what a senior government official is describing as ‘hard evidence’, questioning the fit-and-proper credentials of Caricel to own and operate a spectrum licence.

Caricel has subsequently been asked to respond to the alleged evidence provided to the Government of Jamaica by its international partners who’ve expressed concerns about the company.

And the dispute has reached the court in Jamaica, with Caricel seeking an injunction to stop any revocation of the licence it’s been granted.

We asked Mrs. Lawrence about that this afternoon.

She refused to comment on the matter, saying the parties have been ‘gagged’ by the courts.

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Contractor General, Dirk Harrison has criticised the Andrew Holness-administration over its decision to approve the award of the telecommunications license to Caricel.

This, despite his advice to the government to reconsider issuing it based on the findings of his investigations.

Earlier this month, Mr. Harrison told Nationwide News that he believes the government’s decision was not very ‘measured’.

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The US Embassy in Kingston had also publicly intervened in the matter via a tweet.

Prime Minister Holness has said the Jamaican government will continue to engage the United States Government through its Embassy in Kingston, via normal diplomatic channels, with a view to addressing any concern they may have about the grant of the licence.

He’s also asked his Science and Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, to issue a statement, outlining the sequence of events that led to the award of the licence.

That statement is still outstanding.