US Professor of Foreign Policy and International Relations Jason Emert says he believes the Trump Administration will want to continue the United States’ strong partnership with the Caribbean.

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And, Professor Emert is calling out the US Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis Moreno, for being too involved in Jamaican politics.

He’s a political advisor and Professor at the University of Louisiana in the United States.

According to Professor Emert, incoming President Donald Trump has called in his ambassadors from around the world.

He says the new ambassadors to be appointed under the Trump administration should be respectful of a country’s laws.

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The US Embassy in Kingston has commented publicly on the ongoing Caricel matter, regarding that company’s telecommunications license.

It has voiced concerns relating to security.

The Embassy was also criticized last year for raising the rainbow flag – a symbol of gay rights – following the killing of 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte complained that the US was disrespecting Jamaica’s laws, which criminalize gay sex.

Professor Emert says US diplomats have been inserting themselves in local debates in several countries.

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Jason Emert is a Professor of US Foreign Policy & International Relations at the University of Louisiana. He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.