US Senators have unveiled a long-awaited bipartisan deal that aims to combat illegal immigration at the US-Mexico border – and in return grant new aid to Ukraine and Israel.

The Democratic-led chamber will vote on the bill this week, but it appears doomed to fail in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

Joe Biden endorsed it as “the toughest and fairest” border reforms in decades.

Over 6.3 million migrants have entered the US illegally under his watch.

The record-high influx is one of the biggest political headaches facing the president in his re-election bid.

Immigration has emerged as the top issue driving Republicans to the polls in support of former President Donald Trump, the front-runner to face Mr Biden in the November general election.

Faced with mounting public anger over the migrant inflows, President Biden vowed in January to “shut down the border right now and fix it quickly” if Congress sent a bill to his desk.