Nationwide News can confirm that the United Staes visa which was issued to the Attorney for telecommunications company, Caricel Jamaica, Patrick Bailey, has been revoked.

Mr. Bailey this evening confirmed that his US visa has been revoked.

The revocation was reportedly communicated to the prominent Attorney via a letter from the US embassy in Kingston which stated that subsequent to the issuance of a visa to him information has been obtained which has causes it to be rescinded

On Friday, our news center disclosed that the opposition to the Government’s decision to grant telecoms provider, Caricel, a spectrum license, has taken a dramatic new turn.

Nationwide disclosed that the US Embassy in Kingston has cancelled the visas of two lawyers associated with Symbiote Investments Limited, which operates as Caricel.

One of the lawyers is Minette Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence is also a shareholder of Caricel. We’re unable to confirm the identity of the other lawyer.

The US visas of Mrs. Lawrence’s husband, Lowell, and her 9-year-old son, have also been cancelled.

Nationwide News this afternoon contacted Mrs. Lawrence, who confirmed that her US visa has been cancelled.

That’s a reference to an interview she did on Nationwide @5 on November 30 this year.

In that interview, Mrs. Lawrence defended the legitimacy of the spectrum license that’s been granted to Caricel by the government.

She also strongly defended one of the company’s principals and financiers, George Neil.

The Caricel lawyer also invited officials of the US Embassy in Kingston to meet with directors of the company to resolve concerns they had about the granting of the spectrum license.

Today, Mrs. Lawrence told us that on December 1, an official of the US telephoned her home to advise her of the revocation of the visas

She says she and her husband later received letters from the US Embassy, confirming that their visas had been cancelled.

Nationwide News has seen copies of those letters, both dated December 05, 2016. They’re unsigned but are from the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Kingston.

The letters indicate that Mrs. Lawrence’s non-immigrant visa was to expire in June 2026. It was issued on June 14 this year. But said the US Department of State has revoked it.

They also tell of the revocation of her son’s US visa which was granted in October, 2012. His would’ve otherwise expired in 2022.

The letters say the visas have been revoked on the basis of information that became available after the visas were issued.

They say, as a result, they may not travel to the United States until such time as they’ve applied for and found eligible for a new visa.

They also ask that they bring or send their passports, containing the visas, to the Consular Section of the US Embassy, so that they may be physically cancelled.