The feud between PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke and former Transport Minister, Dr. Omar Davies, over the misappropriation of campaign funds scandal is intensifying.

Dr. Davies’ South St. Andrew constituency executive is denouncing what it says is the utterly shameful and unsubstantiated attack on Dr. Davies by Mr. Burke.

The Constituency Executive, which is chaired by former Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, is expressing its firm and unequivocal support for Omar Davies.

It’s also calling on Mr. Burke to immediately withdraw the statements which have brought Dr. Davies’ character into question.

According to the Executive, Burke should unreservedly issue an appropriate apology to Dr. Davies.

The demand for Mr. Burke to tell Dr. Davies sorry was made in a statement issued to the media today by the South St. Andrew constituency executive.

The Executive says Dr. Davies has given a career of committed public service to his constituency, the PNP and Jamaica and has always maintained an unblemished record of integrity.

On Tuesday, Dr. Davies, lashed out at Mr. Burke over statements Burke made to the PNP National Executive Council, NEC, in April which suggested that Davies failed to allow the PNP to benefit from corrupt activities.

Dr. Davies said Mr. Burke has been reckless in giving the false impression that Davies collected millions of US dollars from a large Chinese firm and failed to turn it over to the PNP central treasury.

Davies says he did not collect any money from any Chinese firm.

Mr. Burke reacted to the denial by Dr. Davies by saying that he merely threw his stone in a pig sty and Davies chose to squeal.

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