The Supreme Court today denied an application by the University of the West Indies for the injunction barring Professor Brendan Bain’s dismissal to be lifted, so he can be taken off the institution’s payroll.

The UWI made the application after the United States decided to cut funding to the Caribbean HIV Training Network, CHART, programme.

Professor Bain was the Director of the Regional Co-ordinating Unit of CHART.

While the application was successfully opposed by Professor Bain’s legal team, the court varied the injunction for it to remain in place until January 13, 2015.

That’s the date on which the hearing of Professor Bain’s claim against the university, is to be heard in court.

The initial injunction was set to remain in place until the outcome of the matter.

In June Professor Bain had obtained an injunction in the Supreme Court barring his termination, which was due to take effect on June 15.

He’s claiming breach of his constitutional rights and defamation by the UWI.

Professor Bain was sacked from his job at CHART in May, after gay rights groups pressured the UWI to act.

This after Professor Bain had given controversial expert testimony in a landmark gay rights case in Belize.

In dismissing Professor Bain, the UWI said he had lost the confidence of the community served by CHART.