Telecommunications company, FLOW is raising concerns about the continued theft and vandalism of its cables and other equipment in St. Catherine.

In the most recent incident on Saturday, FLOW says over 8,000 customers in the parish were affected after vandals set fire to its cables in Central Village.

The affected residential and business customers lost voice, TV and fixed internet.

FLOW’s Director of Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Management, Kayon Mitchell, says the lion’s share of its affected systems are located in St. Catherine.

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She says on Saturday, the fibre cables had been secured in a manhole which was deliberately breached.

The perpetrators then set fire to the cables inside.

Ms. Mitchell says while FLOW has been investigating, they’re also appealing to the public to assist the company with any information they may have.

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Ms. Mitchell says it costs FLOW some USD$2-million a year to restore services lost as a result of vandalism and theft.

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On Friday, FLOW also said its infrastructure had sustained $42-million worth of damage due to roadworks on the Mandela Highway, Constant Spring Road and Hagley Park Road.