The National Works Agency (NWA) says it suspects there’s a deliberate attempt to damage several traffic signals in the Corporate Area.

In a statement this afternoon, the NWA advised the public that it’s aware that a number of intersections in the Corporate Area are currently without functioning traffic signals.

It says late last month it recognized that efforts to repair a number of signals, were being deliberately undone.

The NWA says it suspects that a person of unsound mind might be responsible for the vandalism.

It says the attacks, which were previously concentrated along the corridor stretching from Mandela Highway, Washington Boulevard to Dunrobin Avenue, has now extended to areas within the city centre.

Some of the locations that are currently impacted include Red Hills and Eastwood Park roads, Oxford Road and the PIOJ Building pedestrian crossing, as well as, Half-Way-Tree and Slipe roads.

The NWA says based on the frequency with which repairs have had to be effected in recent weeks, it’s concerned that it could deplete its inventory of signal equipment repair parts if the problem isn’t arrested soon.

It says the police have been informed of the incidents and is working with them to bring an end to the vandalism.

The NWA has also sought the help of the Mental Health Services of the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Department as it moves to deal with the matter.