West Portland Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz, is slamming as hypocritical a suggestion by Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, that dual citizens be allowed to sit in Gordon House.

Golding made the suggestion in a document released to the media earlier this week by the PNP.

Mr. Vaz says Mr. Golding’s stance smacks of opportunism.

Chevon Campbell reports.

Mark Golding clarified at a media conference on Tuesday that his insistence that dual citizens be allowed to sit in the Jamaican Parliament by way of an amendment to the constitution, is his personal position. And not that of the PNP.

But Daryl Vaz is not amused.

The West Portland MP and senior Cabinet Minister says Golding’s comments represent opportunistic posturing by the Opposition.

Mr. Vaz says Jamaicans should not forget that in 2007 and subsequent years, the PNP expressed strong opposition to dual citizens being allowed to sit in Parliament as elected or appointed representatives.

He notes that the party had gone as far as hauling several JLP MPs, including himself, before the Court because they were dual citizens.

Mr. Vaz says Jamaicans should take note of what he describes as the PNP’s hypocritical posturing on the issue of dual citizens.