Political activity in East Portland ahead of the high stakes April 4 by-election intensified on the weekend.

Both the JLP’s Annmarie Vaz and the PNP’s Damion Crawford backed by party heavyweights intensified their pitch to constituents, to be elected Member of Parliament for the area .

Mrs. Vaz also went on the offensive and lashed out at what she described as 30-years of abysmal PNP stewardship in East Portland. Mrs. Vaz addressed a bumper crowd in Manchioneal Portland last night in what she noted was originally planned to be a small spot meeting. She vowed to focus on bringing investment, water, training, education and jobs to the constituency.

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Vaz also dismissed PNP critics who say she’s a member of the country’s elite and questioned her ability to articulate the issues.

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Mrs. Vaz told laborites that she has a message for her doubters.

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And JLP heavyweights, Juliet Holness and Audley Shaw, also addressed the meeting in Manchioneal. Mr. Shaw urged constituents to vote for Mrs. Vaz and bring new political leadership to East Portland which he argues has been neglected by the PNP for decades.

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Meanwhile, during her address, Mrs. Holness slammed Damion Crawford’s track record during his tenure as MP for the East Rural St. Andrew constituency which she now represents in Parliament.

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Mrs. Holness says it’s a shame that at the end of his tenure as East Rural St. Andrew MP, Mr. Crawford had money remaining in his Constituency Development Fund, CDF, when many of his constituents were reportedly in need.

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