A member of the Holness Cabinet is rejecting as ‘less than honest’ a claim by the Opposition PNP that a $626-million road and infrastructure project in St. Mary is being rolled out next month to buy votes in the upcoming South East St. Mary by-election.

The rejection has come from Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, Daryl Vaz. He’s also the Member of Parliament for West Portland.

The parish of Portland is also set to benefit from aspects of the infrastructure work.

Minister Vaz’s pushback comes as the war of words between the Government and the Opposition about the project is intensifying.

Minister Vaz told JLP supporters in Brown’s Town, St Ann yesterday there was much history to the infrastructure project. He says the former PNP administration allowed a loan obtained by the Golding-administration in 2008 from Kuwait to upgrade the Junction main road in St. Mary to expire.

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Mr. Vaz says, this year, before the death South East St Mary MP, Dr. Winston Green, the JLP had placed the project in the 2017/2018 budget.

He says earlier this year, Dr. Green called for the project to be executed as soon as possible.

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PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips and the party’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson, on the weekend accused the Holness-administration of seeking to use the project to buy votes.

Minister Vaz is dismissing those allegations.

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