Councillor for the Papine Division in St. Andrew, the JLP’s Venesha Phillips, says she will win the seat in the February 26 local government elections.

According to Ms. Phillips, despite switching from the PNP, her core supporters have remained loyal.

Daina Davy reports.

“Uncoloured service.” That’s how Councillor Venesha Phillips has described her record of performance in the Papine division.

Miss Phillips won the division for the PNP in the 2012 and 2016 local government elections. She says despite switching to the JLP, she’s confident of a three-peat.

Councillor Phillips says her constituents will register their approval of her service on February 26.

The PNP’s new standard bearer in Eastern St. Andrew where Papine is located, Patricia Duncan Sutherland believes the division will stay true to the PNP in the upcoming local polls.

According to Mrs. Duncan Sutherland, Phillips’ decision to switch sides is seen as an act of betrayal by her supporters.

She contends that supporters are questioning if Phillips ever had the interest of the people at heart. But Miss Phillips says that assessment is flawed.