Venezuelan officials have taken prominent human rights activist, Rocío San Miguel, into custody.

Ms San Miguel, a vocal critic of the government of President Nicolás Maduro, was detained on Friday and taken to an undisclosed location.

On Sunday, Prosecutor-General Tarek William Saab, who is a close ally of Mr Maduro, accused Ms San Miguel of involvement in an alleged plot to kill the president.

The government has provided few details of the alleged plot.

Fifty-seven-year-old Rocío San Miguel is an expert on defence issues who leads the Control Citizens NGO, which advocates civilian oversight of Venezuela’s armed forces.

Rights activists had sounded the alarm on Friday, when Ms San Miguel was detained by intelligence agents at Simón Bolívar international airport, near the capital, Caracas.

Her lawyer said she had not been informed where Ms San Miguel was being held or what, if anything, she had been charged with.

It took two days for the Prosecutor-General to confirm her arrest.

Ms San Miguel’s arrest comes just weeks after 36 government critics were rounded up.

They, too, were accused of having links to alleged plots to kill President Maduro.