The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is reporting that more than 3 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants fleeing political turmoil in their homeland are now living in other countries.

Of that number, more than 20,000 are suspected to be in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago.

Monica Joseph is a member of the Caribbean Refugee Voices activist group helping Venezuelans adjust to life in the twin island.

She says many of the Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago are employed in the service and hospitality industries working menial jobs.

She says a small group of the migrants are seeking to work and help family members in Venezuela while the majority have no plan of returning to Venezuela.

But she says Trinidadians are not all welcoming of their struggling neighbours.

Meanwhile she says the Trinidadian government’s move to implement a visa requirement for Venezuelans could result in greater problems for the English speaking country.

Monica Joseph, member of the Caribbean Refugee Voices activist group in Trinidad speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.