PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says the voters list used in Sunday’s selection exercise in South East St. Ann, could have been corrupted.

But Mr. Burke says the PNP secretariat could do nothing about the possible corruption of the list.

He made the disclosure in a letter written to the woman who challenged Miss Hanna, Councillor Lydia Richards.

Councilors Richards raised several concerns regarding the integrity of the delegates list in a letter dated September 26 to Paul Burke.

She told Mr. Burke that the list had been stained by forgery and criminality.

In an e-mailed response to Mrs. Richards on the same day, September 26, Mr. Burke said he, “admits” the list “could be corrupted”.

He told Councillor Richards that nothing could be done from the level of the party secretariat to address the allegations of corruption.

He also told Councillor Richards that the list is not perfect.

The PNP General Secretary reminded Mrs. Richards that the delegates roster is the same list which was used to elect her and several Councilors.

He told her that the possibility of dead people’s names being included on the voters list, would not affect the outcome of the contest, because all persons who voted are required to show a voters ID before casting their ballot.

The PNP General Secretary also told Councillor Richards that it was important for yesterday’s selection conference to be concluded.

This as the party secretariat was committed to putting party President and Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller in a position to call a General Election, at her pleasure.

In her response, Councillor Richards told Mr. Burke that it was his duty to supply a delegates list that is as clean as possible.

She told him that he would be held ultimately responsible for any contamination of the list.

Last evening, PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill declared that the party will address with “finality”, concerns raised by Councillor Richards.

Yesterday, Miss Hanna polled 4-hundred-and-68 votes to 10 for Councillor Richards.

Of the 1-thousand and 56-delegates eligible to vote on Sunday, only 484 or 46-percent did so.

Councillor Richards, who did not turn up at Ferncourt High School had indicated from Saturday that she would not be mobilizing her delegates for Sunday’s selection exercise.

Meanwhile, Councilor Richards has released to the media, a letter written by a St. Ann businessman to the PNP General Secretary, claiming that his name had been fraudulently included on Sunday’s delegates list.

The letter to Paul Burke was written by Alfred Hoilett, the owner and operator of Full Moon Transportation and Tours.

In the letter, Mr. Hoilett says both his and the name of his business, were used in a corrupt manner and without his knowledge, to falsify the delegates list.

Our news centre spoke with Mr. Hoilett who confirmed that he did make a written complaint to the PNP General Secretary.

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