Former Director of Elections, Danville Walker, is describing as a proposal of convenience, the suggestion by Opposition Leader Mark Golding for dual citizens to sit as members of parliament.

It’s one of the proposals Mr. Golding wants considered in the ongoing constitutional reform process.

The issue of dual citizenship featured heavily in the aftermath of the September 2007 General Elections.

It led Walker himself to resign as Director of Elections in 2008 after the PNP’s Abe Dabdoub challenged him in court for being unqualified to sit as Director because he was a dual Jamaican/American citizen.

Walker renounced his citizenship in 2011 and represented the JLP in the 2011 General Election in Central Manchester.

Mark Golding has said the dual citizenship proposal is his personal view.

That has caused Mr. Walker to ask for someone to declare the position of the PNP.

And Mr. Walker is questioning the purpose of increasing the size of the Senate to 42 members.

That’s another of the proposals Mark Golding wants considered by the Constitutional Reform Commitee.

Mr. Walker believes an increase in the number of legislators in the Senate will only add to bureaucracy.

Danville Walker, former Director of Elections, speaking on Nationwide This Morning on Wednesday.