Residents of the Waltham Park Road area in St. Andrew took to the streets this morning, to protest the police’s killing of a man last night.

The protest started at about 8 o’clock. They used old fridges and cars to block the road, leading to a pile up of traffic.

The man killed has not yet been identified.

Police say he was shot and killed during a confrontation on Crescent Road in St. Andrew last night. They say they also retrieved a firearm with several rounds of ammunition.

Reports from the Hunts Bay Police are that about 9:10 last night, a team of officers responded to a report of gunshots heard in the community.

They say when they got there, they saw a group of men on the road, who ran when they saw the police. The police say they chased the men.

They say one of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting at them. The police say they took evasive action and shot the man.

They say they seized a Heckler and Koch pistol along with a magazine containing nine rounds of ammunition.

The matter has been reported to the Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

Meanwhile, the Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the body.

The man is of dark complexion and slim build. He was wearing a blue T-shirt and black jeans pants.