Residents of 77 Waltham Park Road took to the streets this morning to protest the shooting of a community member allegedly by the Police.

According to the residents, their neighbour was shot and injured on Tuesday evening shortly after curfew hours in the community.

They allege the Police shot the resident, Waren Fletcher, while he was sitting at a shop with other community members using a WIFI.

Nationwide visited the area this morning where several residents lined the sidewalk with placards in hand calling for Justice.

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Fletcher’s sister told Nationwide News that her brother was at the corner shop talking on his phone when the shooting happened.

According to Fletcher’s sister, her brother was shot in the groin.

Fletcher’s mother, Ann-Marie Gayle, claims that on the scene one of the two police personnel who she’s familiar with told her that his colleague shot her son.

Ms. Gayle says the Police while transporting her son to the hospital radioed for support claiming their was a shoot-out.

She says there was no shoot-out.

Ms. Gayle says her son has been admitted to hospital and has undergone surgery.

She claims they’ve handcuffed her child in hospital.

Meanwhile, she claims the Policeman involved in the incident left her son at the hospital Tuesday evening and returned to the scene of the incident to plant spent casings.

Residents in the community are calling for Justice.

They claim the shooting victim is a welder who has never been in trouble with the law.

The victim’s family says several eye witnesses have given statements to the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

When Nationwide was leaving the community, an INDECOM service vehicle was seen in the area.

When Nationwide News, contacted Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, SSP, Stephanie Lindsay, she told our news centre she did not have any information on the incident and would have to make some checks.

Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News