The political row between Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller and Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, is escalating!

Addressing Labourites yesterday in North Central St. Andrew, Mr. Holness took a jab at Mrs. Simpson Miller, saying ’empty barrels make the most noise’.

In a swift response, a perturbed Mrs. Simpson Miller says Mr. Holness is not ‘even an empty barrel.

The row between Mr. Holness and Mrs. Simpson Miller is getting nasty!

Prime Minister Simpson Miller recently launched a broadside against the Opposition Leader, while addressing comrades in Dr. Dayton Campbell’s North West St. Ann constituency.

Yesterday, Mr. Holness shot back at the Prime Minister in Karl Samuda’s North Central St. Andrew seat.

He says he’s not interested in rhetoric. Instead, challenging her to outline what tangible things she’s done to reduce poverty and improve the quality of people’s lives.

Mrs. Simpson Miller hit back while addressing PNP supporters in South St. Catherine last evening.

Mrs. Simpson Miller went further.

She says Mr. Holness has no moral authority to challenge her leadership.

Mrs. Simpson Miller says she’s always been quiet and calm, and tries to help Mr. Holness by not saying anything.

But she’s warning that if Mr. Holness continues to be rude, she’ll always respond.