Southwest St. Catherine Member of Parliament, the JLP’s Everald Warmington, is again the centre of controversy, with comments reportedly made at a JLP meeting in South East St. Mary over the weekend.

A by-election is to take place in the constituency on October 30.

Mr. Warmington reportedly said voters should choose the JLP candidate, Dr. Norman Dunn, because a JLP government is in office.

He added that the constituency will, therefore, be able to access more benefits than under an Opposition MP.

In a quick response from the Opposition, the PNP says it’s alarmed at Mr. Warmington’s comments.

The party says this speaks to an old style of victimization, depriving Jamaicans of their right to public benefits regardless of whom they choose to support.

The PNP is also pointing to the 800-million dollar de-bushing programme before the local government election, as well as the current de-bushing in South East St. Mary, saying Mr. Warmington’s comments give deeper meaning to those programmes.