The Simpson-Miller administration is being accused of wasting three years in the push to reform and modernize the public sector.

The criticism came at a press conference hosted by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute, CaPRI.

CaPRI’s paper is entitled ‘Reforming Public Sector Reform’.

And the think-tank says it chose that title because of what it says is the lack of political will to implement the requisite reform and modernization of the public sector.

According to CaPRI, since 1984, there have been four attempts to reform the public sector.

It says all those attempts have failed because no political courage exists.

CaPRI’s Senior Research Officer is Altricia Dawson.

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Veteran Trade Unionist, Helen-Davis White agrees with the point.

She says the current administration wasted three years before seeking to begin implementing the reform measures.

She spoke today in her capacity as the President of the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers, JALGO.

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But Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley, who was in attendance took issue with the conclusion of the study.

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Minister Dalley says the Government couldn’t have expedited the reform plan immediately upon taking office in January, 2012.

This as the economic reform programme had to take precedence.

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