Residents of Portmore St. Catherine are this afternoon being told to brace for restrictions in their water supply from the National Water Commission, NWC.

This, as the NWC says it’s being forced to take further steps to provide additional supply to people in the Corporate Area.

Corporate Public Relations Manager at the NWC, Charles Buchanan, says the Commission is trying to manage its dwindling supply of water amid the ongoing drought.

He says the NWC has decided it’ll maintain the water rationing schedule it’s implemented in the Kingston Metropolitan Area.

But residents of Portmore will now be affected.

Mr. Buchanan says, beginning this week, Portmore residents should experience low or no water supply between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

This, as the NWC will be sharing water it’d usually supply to Portmore with the Corporate Area which is served primarily by the Mona Reservoir and the Hermitage Dam.

He says, up until now, residents of Portmore were hardly affected by the water crisis.

Mr. Buchanan says the decisions were made at an emergency drought management meeting today at the NWC.

The meeting was chaired by the NWC’s Acting President, Mark Barnett.