The National Water Commission, NWC, is informing residents of Patrick City and surrounding communities that the issues affecting their regular water supply has been resolved.

The NWC says there has been a general restoration of water in the affected areas.

But, there may be isolated pockets of low pressure.

The NWC says they will continue to monitor the situation and communicate accordingly.

Yesterday, the commission faced heavy scrutiny from residents of the area who had been without water for several days.

One resident had been experiencing disruptions in their water supply for several weeks.

He says that since a water truck visited the area on Saturday, his community had been without water.

Resident of Farmbrook Avenue in Patrick City.

Meanwhile, another resident is calling on the NWC to give residents ample notice for scheduled water lock-offs.

She says water is needed to help protect herself and family from infectious diseases.

Resident of Patrick City.