JLP Caretaker for East Rural St. Andrew, Joan Gordon-Webley, is accusing the MP for the constituency, Damion Crawford, of neglect.

Her accusation comes as farmers in the community of Bloxburgh have seen their farms destroyed by fires, amid one the worst droughts in recent times.

Mr. Crawford told our news centre yesterday that he would be touring those areas of the constituency, recently affected by bush fires.

According to Mr. Crawford he intended to visit Bloxburgh, to make an assessment of how best to assist the residents.

However, Mrs. Gordon-Webley says Mr. Crawford is yet to visit the community.

Several coffee farms in Bloxburgh have been destroyed by the bush fires, which residents say have been burning for the past three weeks.

Mrs. Gordon Webley says the situation has had a devastating effect on many families in the hilly community.

Joan Gordon-Webley, JLP Caretaker for East Rural St. Andrew, speaking last evening with Nationwide News from Bloxburgh, in the constituency.