The Education Ministry says its moving to normalize operations at the Christiana High School in Manchester, following the sex picture controversy which has prompted the resignation of the institution’s acting Principal, Devon Wellington.

On Tuesday, Nationwide News disclosed that Mr. Wellington’s job was on the line, after images of him in a compromising position with another man went viral on the Internet.

During an emergency meeting of the school’s board today, it was revealed that Mr. Wellington had resigned effective December 31, a day after the story was picked up by the news media.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites told our news centre today that an individual has been appointed to act in the position of Principal.

Minister Thwaites says there’s a possibility that counseling services will be offered at the school.

Ronnie Thwaites Education Minister speaking with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, Nationwide News can confirm that Mr. Wellington has left the island for the United States.

Our sources at the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, PICA and the Police this afternoon confirmed that Mr. Wellington departed Jamaica on New Year’s Eve.

In an interview with our news center a day earlier, Mr. Wellington alleged that mischievous persons are responsible for the pictures of him engaged in a sex act with a man.

Devon Wellington, former acting Principal of Christiana High in Manchester speaking to Nationwide’s Abka Fitz-Henley.