It’s about time!

That’s the reaction from at least three residents of St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland to the States of Public Emergency declared in their parishes yesterday.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, a number of residents and stakeholders from the western parishes expressed relief that the measure has been taken.

But although the move is being welcomed, the residents and stakeholders are calling on the government to ensure these most recent States of Emergency leave a legacy of community development and sustained crime reduction.

William Mitchell reports.

Since the State of Emergency in St. James was lifted in January, many stakeholders have been calling for the re-imposition of the enhanced security measure.

Now, Westmoreland and Hanover have also been placed under enhanced security measures.

Westmoreland resident Elaine Allen Bradley, St. James resident Sujae Boswell, and Hanover resident Linvern Wright are all expressing relief.

Boswell says there would’ve been more gains in the crime fight from the previous State of Emergency in St. James if it had been kept in place.

He’s also calling on the government to improve the deficiencies in social intervention that were absent last year.

Wright, who’s Principal of Rusea’s High School in Hanover, says there is widespread relief that the enhanced security measure is in the parish.

But he says residents want to know how the government plans to sustain gains made under the State of Emergency, when it ends.