The Westwood High school in Stewart Town, Trelawny will be closed today due to a fire at all girls boarding institution last night into early this morning.

This, as the school’s kitchen and other buildings on the campus, were destroyed.

The school says it will be unable to provide food today for students.

The school is advising parents to pick up their children who are in boarding.

The Trelawny Fire Station responded to the fire at about 10:00 last night.

A member of the response team from Trelawny says they were assisted by the St. Ann Fire Station.

Nationwide News understands the fire started in the kitchen.

It’s understood firefighters were battling the blaze for some three hours, from 10 pm to about 1 this morning.

According to the Trelawny Fire station, the fire was spreading but the team members were able to confine it to the kitchen.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Westwood High School was founded in 1882 and is ranked among the top five Jamaican high schools, based on CXC passes last year.

It’s understood over 180 girls are boarders at Westwood.