Stevian Simmonds reports

Former Energy Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, is asking the court to impose an order requiring the Integrity Commission to publicly exonerate him of assertions concerning acts of impropriety and nepotism.

The former Cabinet Minister is challenging the key findings of the Integrity Commission’s Petrojam investigations.

Lawyers representing Dr. Wheatley, filed an application in the Supreme Court this morning seeking Judicial Review of the findings.

This follows a damning special report from the Commission saying that Dr. Wheatley was less than honest in statements made to the Commission.

Dr. Wheatley’s application for leave for Judicial Review is challenging the lawfulness and fairness of conclusions made by the Integrity Commission.

Namely, that he was less than truthful and dishonest in his representation to the Director of Investigation when he described Sophia Deer as his former technical assistant.

The former Energy Minister is being represented by attorney at Law, Chuck Cameron.

Dr. Wheatley is asking the court to impose an order of Mandamus requiring the Director of Investigation to recommend to the Commission to publicly exonerate him of allegations concerning acts of impropriety and nepotism.

Dr. Wheatley is also asking for permission to review the decision of the Commission to recommend that he be prosecuted for perjury.

His application cites that there were no reasonable grounds for suspecting that Dr Wheatley perjured himself. And as such the action of referring the matter to the Director of Corruption Prosecution was irrational and ultra vires.

Mr. Cameron says his client has full confidence in the justice system to deliver the proper result.

Meanwhile, the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee had its first sitting this morning.

Committee Chairman, Member of Parliament for North Central St. Andrew, Karl Samuda, noted the committee’s deep and wide-ranging powers.

Top of the agenda of the Committee is to consider recommendations to amend the Integrity Commission Act.

However, South St. Andrew MP, Mark Golding, believes the committee should also move to consider the various reports tabled in the Parliament.

However, South Trelawny MP, Marisa Dalrymple Philibert, cautioned the committee not to attempt to re-investigate matters.

Marisa Dalrymple Philibert, South Trelawny MP.