Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Central, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says failing to declare Portmore Jamaica’s fifteenth parish, is one of the reasons the government is postponing the Local Government Elections.

This is the fourth time the exercise is being postponed.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, yesterday told the House of Representatives that the decision was influenced by economic considerations.

In an interview on Nationwide @5, last evening Dr Wheatley explained that the government is still awaiting feedback from the Opposition to proceed with legislation to make Portmore a parish.

Dr Wheatley is also Chairman of the joint select committee of Parliament tasked with establishing the framework for Jamaica’s first post-colonial parish.

He’s also displeased the Local government polls are being postponed.

Dr Wheatley is calling for fixed election dates for both local government and general elections.

Dr Andrew Wheatley, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Central.

He was speaking following Tuesday’s passage of a 4th postponement of the Local Government Elections.