Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says the government will be working with both major telecommunications operators to strengthen the country’s disaster notification system.

In a statement yesterday afternoon, Dr. Wheatley says he’s requested a readiness status report from both Digicel and Flow.

This comes on the heels of deficiencies and concerns highlighted with the National Alert System by the tsunami scare that gripped the nation last week.

During the event concerns were raised due to the apparent lack of timely notifications associated with the tsunami warnings issued by the met office and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, ODPEM.

Both operators have also been invited to a meeting at the Ministry for discussions about the issue.

Minister Wheatley, says telecommunications entities play a critical part in ensuring that citizens are notified of impending threats from natural disasters.

He says the government will be looking to ensure that all attendant measures required to optimize the functions of all telecommunications systems as it relates to their operation within the wider National Alert System are implemented in the shortest period of time.