At least one educator claims that the Caribbean Examinations Council’s, CXC, Math script leaked hours before students were scheduled to sit the exam on Wednesday morning.

Speaking anonymously, the instructor at the Kingston-based school says he and his colleagues received exam papers pre-dawn.

He describes the incident as highly irregular and a clear breach of CXC protocol.

Students from the institution allegedly received the math paper from colleagues in Guyana via messaging app Whatsapp as early as 7 am exam day.

Several learners confirmed the exam script they received at dawn was indeed the paper administered during the official examination, further corroborating the instructor’s initial claim.

Exam leaks have long been a recurring issue for the CXC. In 2008, a Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination, CAPE, leak in Trinidad and Tobago led to the cancellation of all other CAPE exams.

That same year, two Trinidadians were charged for leaking exam papers. Fast forward to 2011, there were reports of a CXC exam paper leak in St. Lucia, but the CXC refuted the claims.

There were similar concerns In 2017, following rumors that a CXC math exam paper had leaked online