Director-General of the World Health Organization, WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, today issued new orders as it relates to the use of masks.

Dr. Tedros also outlined further steps in the production of cloth masks being generated worldwide for use during the pandemic.

The WHO boss says more research and information pertaining to the proper use of masks and their production have been provided to the organization. 

Locally, the statistics are not as staggering, but even so the authorities have been constantly pleading with individuals to wear masks while abiding by other preventative measures. 

Today, the WHO boss announced a raft of updates concerning the use and production of masks during the pandemic.

According to page 10 of the updated guideline on the WHO’s webpage, the ideal combination of material for non-medical masks should include three layers namely:

An innermost layer  of a hydrophilic material such as cotton or cotton blends.  

An outermost layer made of hydrophobic material such as polypropylene, polyester, or their blends which may limit external contamination from penetration through to the wearer’s nose and mouth. 

And a middle hydrophobic layer of synthetic non-woven material such as polyproplylene or a cotton layer which may enhance filtration or retain droplets. 

Meanwhile, Dr Tedros is warning that masks may create a false sense of security.

Dr Tedros is also warning individuals not to abandon the safety measures implemented in their countries.