An interesting contest is shaping up for divisions in the constituency of Western Hanover in the November 28 local government election.

This as at least five independent candidates have indicated an interest in three of the seven seats in the Hanover Parish Council.

There are four divisions in Western Hanover and three in Eastern Hanover.

Nationwide News can confirm that a former JLP member Donna Malahoo-Bowen and former PNP members Daliah Spence, Nevorn Samuels, Neville ‘Bibby’ Humphrey and Paul Trench are intending to run as independent candidates.

Mrs. Malahoo-Bowen, the sister Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte, says she’s puzzled by how she has been treated by the JLP.

She’s intending to contest the Riverside division.

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The division is currently held by an independent councillor, Lester Crooks who’s a former JLP Councillor and Mayor of Lucea.

Crooks is not seeking reelection.

And, teacher Daliah Spence who wants to contest the Cauldwell Division has served as campaign manager for the sitting Councillor, Anthony Walker, who will not be seeking re-election.

Spence explains why she has abandoned her plans to run on the PNP ticket in the upcoming election.

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The Hanover Parish Council is currently held by the PNP.