There’s condemnation this afternoon, being leveled at the thousands of persons who used social media, to share the video of the brutal gang rape of the teenaged girl in Trelawny.

On Facebook alone, the video had received over 37,000 views up to Saturday, before it was flagged by users and removed.

The Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says the sharing the video further humiliates the victim.

Jamaican law makes it an offense to create or distribute pornographic material involving children, regardless of whether the child was a willing participant.

In this instance, Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says there was the original crime of the rape, and a second crime involving the recording of the rape.

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Mrs. Gordon Harrison says sharing the video stigmatizes the victim and breaches her right to privacy.

The President of Young Jamaica, Howard Chamberlain, agrees.

He says people who see such videos on social media should report them, rather than share them.

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Mrs. Gordon Harrison says there are very limited circumstances under which this type of video can be shared.

Although some would argue that it’s wrong to create the video in the first place, there are times when such a recording can be useful in an investigation.

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