The widow of murdered businessman Keith Clarke, Dr. Claudette Clarke, held back tears as she detailed the day her husband was killed during a military operation in May 2010.

Dr. Clarke started giving evidence on Tuesday in the Supreme Court against the three soldiers accused of killing her husband.

The soldiers, Lance Corporal Greg Tinglin, Corporal Odel Buckley, and Private Arnold Henry, are charged with murder.

Robian Williams was in court.

Dr. Claudette Clarke told the court that in 2010, she, her husband, and their younger daughter resided at a two-story house in Kirkland Heights, St. Andrew.

She said they had been married for 30-years.

On the evening of May 26, 2010, Dr. Clarke said she and her daughter returned home from work about 8pm.

She testified that no one else was at home.

Dr. Clarke said her husband came home about 9pm.

By that time, she said she was in bed and her daughter was asleep.

She told the court that she went to the kitchen and made him a sandwich. That was his last meal.

She said they both retired for the evening.

However, she testified that she heard a noise outside sounding like a plane or helicopter.

The tearful widow told the jury she got up and looked through the bedroom windows and saw a helicopter with bright lights shining from it.

She said she woke her husband and informed him about what she saw.

Dr. Clarke said they woke their daughter and attempted to go down in the basement, but they couldn’t find the keys.

She said, “I was scared; my daughter was crying; I was panicking and wondering what was happening. We went back to the master bedroom upstairs and closed the door.”

At that time, Dr. Clarke said she heard the sawing sound outside the bedroom door.

She and her daughter went into the bathroom that was inside the bedroom and locked the door, while her husband climbed onto the top of a closet.

While in the bathroom, Dr. Clarke said she called the police, made a report, called her neighbours, and started praying.

Minutes later, she heard the bedroom door open.

She said she opened the bathroom door and started identifying herself when she saw three men dressed in army attire with “big and long guns.”

The prosecutor asked, Did the gentlemen say anything to you, Dr. Clarke?

The witness answered, “I came out and I identified myself, I say my name is Claudette Clarke, I’m a justice of the peace, I live with my husband Keith Clarke and my daughter and before I can finish the sentence them seh “weh him deh”….at that point my husband started coming down from the closet, so I pointed to him coming down from the closet and his back was turned to us”

The prosecutor asked, “Did your husband have anything in his hands?”

Dr. Clarke responded, “I did not see anything in his hands, madam. I was doing the identification. I turned to refer to him as my husband. One or two of the men jumped up on the bed, and they opened fire; gunshots started.”

The prosecutor questioned, “Did the three men introduce themselves to you?”

Dr. Clarke replied, “No, madam. Only question they were asking “weh di gun men dem deh”
This was after my husband was already shot and laying on the ground. They asking weh di rest a gun man dem deh.”

During her testimony, Dr. Clarke repeatedly stressed that there was no one else at their residence at the time of the incident.

The crown’s case is that Mr. Clarke was killed during a military operation in search of convicted drug lord, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Mr. Clarke was shot 21 times.

The trial will resume on Wednesday morning at 10.