The distraught spouse of the man who was allegedly murdered by rogue policemen at a party in St Catherine on the weekend says she, like the rest of the country, is still trying to piece together the bizarre circumstances that led to his killing.

Sheldon ‘Junior Biggs’ Daley was allegedly shot by members of the Constabulary’s controversial Mobile Reserve unit.

After the killing of Mr Daley, an odd series of events unfolded including a high-speed chase, a car crash and the killing of two other individuals including one of the policeman accused of murdering Mr. Daley.

The mother of Mr. Daley’s children, Shaunakay Williams, spoke with our News Centre today.

Stevian Simmonds reports:

Mr. Daley’s common-law wife, Shaunakay Williams, says she’s still unable to understand what happened on Saturday night.

She says Mr. Daley was a hard working and jovial man, who was good to her and his children.

And, she says she has no idea why anyone, including the police would want him dead.

Official reports are that Mr. Daley was not on the radar as being linked with any act of criminality, nor was he a witness in any matter.

He leaves behind a nine-year-old and six year-old twins.

Ms Williams says the her children keep asking for their father.

Ms Williams says she’s been receiving counselling.

And, she’s been assured by the Police that her spouse’s killers will be brought to justice.

Yesterday, the National Security Ministry announced plans to disband the Constabulary’s Mobile Reserve, the controversial unit to which the alleged rogue policemen were attached.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has also committed to ramping up reformation efforts.

Ms Williams says she’s satisfied with the police’s response to the incident.

But, she says the incident has resulted in her losing faith in the police force.

And, she says her spouse’s murder has angered the residents of her community.

Yesterday, several residents of John’s Road in Spanish Town, where Mr. Daley lived, set fire to debris they used to block the streets.