Minister of Education, Fayval Williams, says her Ministry is powerless to stop private schools from requiring parents to sign indemnity letters protecting them from responsibility if students contract Covid-19 while attending face to face classes.

139 schools have been approved to resume face to face classes.

News emerged last week that at least two schools in the Corporate Area were requiring parents to sign indemnity forms against Covid 19 liability.

Facing backlash, the schools rescinded the waiver.

Responding to questions in the House of Representatives this afternoon, Minister Williams says no public school has the authority to require parents to sign the indemnity waiver.

But, she says private schools are businesses that are not guided by her directives.

Fayval Williams, Education Minister, speaking in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

And the Education Minister says parents of students attending face to face classes at public schools should immediately report to her Ministry any attempt to have them sign indemnity waivers for Covid-19.

The Minister says schools under the remit of the government are not permitted to require indemnity.

Education Minister, Fayval Williams.