The Commissioner of INDECOM, Terrence Williams, says he wouldn’t object to the entity being supervised by an oversight body, as long as it doesn’t interfere with it’s operations.

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A Joint Select Committee of Parliament has indicated its support for an additional oversight mechanism for INDECOM.

The idea of an oversight body was first mooted by DPP, Paula Llewelyn, following a row with Mr. Williams over her office’s handling of the Kentucky Kid case.

Committee member Delroy Chuck was reluctant to support the proposal, saying another layer of oversight would be redundant.

But he was given assurances that the oversight body would not interfere with INDECOM’s day to day operations.

Mr. Williams says he awaits details on the powers to be given to the oversight body.

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Mr. Williams says by the reasoning of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament, INDECOM is not the only entity that should be supervised by an oversight body.

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