Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, has issued a public appeal to Water Minister Robert Pickersgill, to intervene in what he says is a serious sewage problem affecting his constituency.

Mr. McKenzie says the problem has been ongoing for nearly three weeks.

He says more than 6-thousand residents are affected by what he describes as a serious overflow of sewage in several communities.

The MP says he’s particularly concerned about the possible outbreak of disease in these circumstances.

Mr. McKenzie says he’s been trying to get the National Water Commission, NWC to take action since mid-August and had intensified his efforts in the last week.

However, he says despite his appeal, all the way to the President’s office, the problem has only got worse.

According to Mr. McKenzie, there’s sewage in every section of West Kingston including Denham Town, Mid-Town and Tivoli Gardens

He says it’s on the streets and now coming up in people’s homes.