An 18-year-old woman is accusing the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, of negligence in the lead up to the death of her newborn.

Waynica Wilmot says she went to the hospital because she was suffering from severe pain. But she’s now accusing the hospital’s staff of ignoring her for more than 48 hours — even after she went into labour, while at the hospital.

Ms. Wilmot says when her son was taken to the intensive care unit she never had an opportunity to hold him. She intended to name her baby boy, Jaden Nathaniel Robinson. Ms. Wilmot says her baby was due on January 5.

On that night she went to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital because she was in pain. But, according to Ms. Wilmot she was ignored for more than 12 hours as she waited for a bed.

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Ms. Wilmot says soon after she got a bed, her water broke sending her into labour. But, she says it took another 24-hours before staff gave her any medication.

Ms. Wilmot says it wasn’t until approximately 9 pm on Monday, January 7, when doctors started her delivery. But, according to Ms. Wilmot, the wait may’ve been costly for her then unborn child.

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She says her son was born with his lungs blocked and he suffered two seizures while undergoing treatment. Ms. Wilmot says four days after his birth, Jaden died.

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Ms. Wilmot says she has spoken to an attorney with a view to pursuing legal action.

Efforts to contact the Regional Director of the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA, Maureen Golding, were unsuccessful.

When Nationwide News contacted the CEO of the Kingston Public Hospital, Coleen Wright, she said a full investigation will be launched into the allegations.