A woman who was caught in a high speed chase with the police across the Corporate Area in April, was today fined $27,000 for committing several offences.

Nicole Williams, whose car chase was captured on video, also had her driver’s licence suspended for a year.

She was charged on April 30 with several breaches of the Road Traffic Act and resisting arrest. She was also charged earlier in May for reckless driving and disobeying the police.

Williams appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Traffic Court Wednesday morning. She pleaded guilty to the offence of dangerous driving and was fined 20 thousand dollars or 30 days in jail.

She also had 14 points deducted from her driver’s licence. Williams also pleaded guilty to disobeying a traffic sign, and was fined $5,000 or 30 days in prison. Two points were deducted from her licence.

She was also fined $2,000 or 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to the charge of failing to stop at the request of a constable.