The World Bank has given Jamaica the green light as a significant opportunity for investors.

The international financial institution is citing strong reforms and high potential for growth as the reasons for its confidence.

The thumbs up was given to scores of potential investors on day three of the Jamaica Investment Forum 2018 by World Bank Business Regulations Manager, Catherine Masinde.

However, Ms. Masinde also highlighted areas the Andrew Holness-led government can improve upon to unleash the country’s true potential.

World Bank Business Regulations Manager, Catherine Masinde, is encouraging investors to look to Jamaica as a potential target.

She says the government has made strides in reforming its ease of doing business regulations.

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However, Ms. Masinde says more systematic reform is needed to ensure gains are sustained.
She says, if this is done, the country has the potential to reach growth rates of between 5 and 10 percent of GDP.

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Ms. Masinde says Jamaica packs the potential to be the centre of regional trade.

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She says Jamaica is capable of reforming its regulations to achieve a more conducive business climate.
However, Ms. Masinde argues that Jamaica should learn from itself rather than emulating countries such as Singapore.

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