The Judgment in the appeal case of former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller and senior members of the Peoples National Party (PNP) in the Trafigura case has been delayed.

Our news centre understands that the court hasn’t yet come to a decision.

This means the matter has been moved to a new date that’s to be identified. Our news centre understands the court contacted the attorneys in the matter this morning informing them of their decision.

The verdict was expected to be handed down in the Appeal Court in Kingston today. The current and former members of the PNP are seeking leave to go to the United Kingdom Privy Council.

Their lawyers are challenging a decision by the Supreme Court to make an Order that Simpson-Miller, Phillip Paulwell, Robert Pickersgill, Collin Campbell and Norton Hinds can answer a question in open court from Dutch investigators probing the $31-million donation to the PNP in 2006.

The ruling was made by former Supreme Court Judge Justice Lennox Campbell, in June 2017.

The Dutch firm Trafigura Baheer, made the donation to the PNP while the Jamaican government had an Oil-lifting agreement with the company. Dutch firms are prohibited from making donations to foreign governments. Dutch investigators want Simpson-Miller and the other PNP officials to answer questions in public about the donation.