There’s growing condemnation of the killing of 17-year-old Meadowbrook High school graduate, Micholle Moltan.

Moulton’s killing has sparked widespread outrage, with both Prime Minister, Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, expressing condemnation.

A group of eight youth organizations across the country are adding their voice in bemoaning what they describe a “heartless act”.

The group includes the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, the National Secondary Students Council, National Youth Council of Jamaica, The Guild of Students, University of the West Indies Mona, Talk Up Yout and Equality Youths.

President of the National Secondary Students Council, Alnastazia Watson, says as a young woman she does not feel comfortable in a society where violence has become a norm.

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Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, Christopher Harper, it’s sad that the country is at a stage where there’s no regard for life.

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Deputy Chairman of the National Youth Council of Jamaica, Sean Davis, says youths are at risk in the country.

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Mr. Davis is calling on the society to condemn and challenge violence in the society.

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The young advocates are calling on residents of Arnett Gardens to come forward and provide information to the police.

The youth organizations say it’s time to collectively respond to what they’re calling ‘heinous acts of violence’ and demand justice.

They’re also offering condolences to Micholle’s family and friends.

Seventeen-year-old Micholle and her 12-year-old sister were shot by unknown assailants at their home while they slept on Sunday morning.